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How to earn money online in 2020

How to earn money online?

.Hi freinds,I m Rahul today we are going to learn how we can earn alot of money by working at,without wasting anytime let's start .


YouTube is a great platform to earn money.where we can earn money by just uploading our can make money from YouTube without investment.

What we need to earn money from YouTube?

1.we need a YouTube channel first.where we publish our video.
2.there should must be 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour watchtime completed on our YouTube channel.
3.then we will apply for monetization.
4.if your monetization is enable then you will start earning from YouTube

We can earn money from YouTube even without monetization.

Here is some ways from which we can earn money from YouTube without monetization.
1.we can earn money by promoting other YouTube channel.
2.we can make money by sponsorship which is provided by running  their ads on our video.
3.if u have good subscriber and view then you can earn good money by selling your YouTube channel.

2.Blogging :

Blogging is also a good platform to earn money can earn 1000$ to 5000$
In a month.

How to start blogging?

1.first off all we need domain to start blogging.
2.there are two type of domain one is paid another is free which is provided by Google. free domain you can not monetize your blog.
4.if u are students u have no money to buy domain,you can start blogging on free domain also,you can change your paid domain with your free domain later.

How to earn from blogging ? need to post article on your blog need minimum 15 article on your blog to get AdSense approval
3.if your AdSense is approved then you start earning money from blogging.


Facebook is also a very good platform for earning money.many people is using Facebook but they don't know how to earn from facebook.

How to earn from facebook?

1.first off all you need a Facebook page with 10k follower need to upload videos on your Facebook fage.
3. Your page must completed 10k follower and 30,000 minute watchtime
4.then you can apply for monetization once your monetization is enabled u start earning from facebook.

Without monetization also we can earn alot of money from Facebook page.

1.we need to take sponsorship from company and run their ads on our Facebook page.
2.we can also do affiliate marketing through our Facebook page.


Telegram is a messaging platform like facebook.we can also earn from telegram.

How to earn money from telegram?

1.first of all you need to download telegram app. need to make a channel like YouTube on telegram need to gain subscriber on your telegram channel by inviting freinds or sharing your telegram link just need to copy and paste the link of the latest movies,web series etc
On rozfly.
5.rozfly will provide a link which you can paste on your telegram channel.
6.if People click on that link and watch movies web series through your link then rozfly will give you money per click.
7. Note you can do this only on telegram.

Making app is also a good platform to earn money.

How can we earn money from app?

1.first off all you need a app can make app by yourself or take help from app developer.
3.once your app is ready you can upload your app on playstore.
4.after uploading your app you need to monetize your app from admob.
5.after monetization admob will provide ads on your apps
6.through that ads you will start earning money.

Thanks for reading our this blog we discuss about how to earn money other blog I will explain in brief about all of this.
Please follow our blog for our latest update.

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