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How to get free review on fiverr

How to get first review on fiverr?
Fiverr is the world largest market for digital service that connects buyers and sellers.
Now without wasting anytime let's start.

To get sales you must need some good reviews.buyers will hire you only by seeing your review.if you don't have any review then you can't get any project. Here is some method to get review.

1st method

.Find client on social media.
.there are many groups on Facebook where you can find client.
.for example you need data entry work search data entry work on Facebook

.in above picture you can see there are many work related data entry will come.
. contact with them and try to get that job.
.give them good offer like if they will give me this project on fiverr then I will do this in cheap price.
I am 90% sure you will get your first sale by applying this method.

2nd method

There are many people on social media who is selling paid review.they will give you review in just 10-15$. They will give you sales from buyers.for that sales they charge 10-15$.

3rd method

This is not recommended method but if you still dont get any sales then you can try this
.if your family members,freinds is doing digital marketing. You can convince them to buy your gigs and give good reviews. This is one of the main method to get sales on fiverr. By trying this 3 method you can get alot of sales .for getting sale you must need good reviews that's why first you need to get one review so buyers can trust you and hire you for their projects.

Fiver payment

Fiverr payment is given through bank account or PayPal account.

Real or scam

Fiverr is real many people is earning through fiverr.this is one of the most trusted site for online earning.

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