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Affiliate marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for beginners 

 What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a platform where you earn a commission by promoting other company's products.

Three methods you need to follow to do affiliate marketing. need to choose a network which can provide you a product for sale. need to choose a product which you want to sale. need to sale that product.

Let's discuss in brief about all three method.

1st method

Which network is best to start affiliate?

Amazon is the best network to start affiliate.

How to do affiliate on Amazon? your browser.
3.then this type of dashboard will appear.
Affiliate marketing

4.then click on become an affiliate

5.then click on join now for free.

6.then make an account.

Once your account is created  then you need to choose good product. Now come to

2nd method

There are many types of products available on Amazon. For example I need to promote book.
 I search book on amazon

2.then many books profile will come need to choose  book which you want to promote. on text and your link will appear
Affiliate marketing just need to copy that link.

Now come to 3rd method

Where to promote your product? can promote your product on Facebook YouTube, Instagram etc. just need to paste that link with good description where you want to promote.

3.if someone buy through that link you will get your commission.

Payment method. just need bank account to receive payment.

Thanks for reading this article.i am just trying to give you valuable information in shortcut without boring you.follow our blog for more online earning trick.

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