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YouTube Vs tiktok money which is good platform to make money

YouTube Vs tiktok which is good platform to make money ?

YouTube Vs tiktok

Today I am going to tell you which is better online earning platform.lets first talk about youtube.


YouTube is the king of video sharing was launched on 14 Feb have over 100m monthly active user.on YouTube you can watch any type of video.for example you want to learn online English speaking then search on YouTube online earning class many video will come related online English speaking can learn alot of thing through YouTube.


Tiktok is the short video sharing platform.this app was launched in 2016 in china after one year in 2017 it was launched outside of 3 year tiktok has over 50m monthly active user.

Which have better future YouTube or Tiktok?

It depends on content creator which type of audience you need.if you need between 16 to 24 age group audience then tiktok is best for you.if you need all type of age group audience then YouTube will best for you.

Earning of YouTube and tiktok.

YouTube: YouTube is better earning will give you money for video sharing if you get AdSense approval. If you got 1m views on your YouTube video then YouTube will pay you 5000$ for 1m view.other earning through YouTube is to get sponsorship if some brand is interested in your YouTube channel.they will give you alot of money for promoting their brand.

Tiktok: tiktok is a platform where you can upload video but tiktok will not give you any money.if you get 1m view then also tiktok will give you no money.but on tiktok you can make money through sponsorship.sponsor will pay you for promoting their products but their budget for tiktok is too low.

Now take example of 1 famous youtuber and 1 famous Tiktoker.

Carryminati: carryminati is a Indian youtuber who have 18m subscriber.his monthly income is over 1,00,000$.

Mr.faisu: mr.faisu is famous Tiktoker .he have over 30 m tiktok follower but his monthly earning is between 10,000$ to 20,000$.

Thus,YouTube is far better than tiktok in everything.

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